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The Super Tiny Magnetic Pen Quick-Release 


The Perpetual Pencil Meets Magnetic Swiftness

MagWritor ingeniously melds the world of sustainable perpetual pencils with a magnetic quick-release mechanism. This fusion ensures you always possess an effortlessly accessible writing tool when you need it. The magnetic quick-release mechanism allows the pen to spring forth rapidly and securely, ideal for tackling everyday tasks with ease and precision.


A Perpetual Pen Concealed in a Micro Shell

Your daily writing essential, right at your fingertips. MagWritor is designed to hang on your keychain, keeping you prepared and equipped wherever you go. When full-sized pens are impractical, MagWritor measures just 14mm x 35mm, weighing a mere 19 grams (titanium) or 14 grams (aluminum). It's the perfect everyday companion, ready to attach to keys, necklaces, backpack zippers, jacket pulls, or any other convenient spot.


Why Choose MagWritor?

  • Magnetic quick-release mechanism

  • Compact design for easy carry

  • Perpetual, sustainable lead

  • Ideal for quick writing, marking, sketching, and more

  • Interchangeable tips and compatible with MagCutor blade heads

  • Grade 5 titanium and aerospace aluminum shell

  • Patented sturdy pen tip structure

  • Patented robust magnetic construction


Maximum Versatility and Lifespan

Utilizing Ultra-Strong Custom Magnets for Durability. The magnets are secured with potent adhesive and extra cushioning, ensuring your gear remains compact and the magnets stay steadfast, supporting weights of up to 4 pounds.


This innovation allows you to effortlessly swap out pen tips, ensuring a consistently excellent writing experience tailored to your needs. MagWritor's robust metal body and tip combination guarantee structural resilience. Surprisingly, MagWritor's interchangeable design is also compatible with MagCutor's blade heads. This means users who previously embraced MagCutor can seamlessly integrate MagWritor into their EDC lineup.

Three Options to Suit Your Style

MagWritor comes in both aluminum and titanium shells, each boasting exceptional durability. The titanium option provides a choice between two distinct finishes – stonewashed or polished – allowing you to complement your personal style.


Meet the Team & Design Story

With accolades from our past achievements, people can't stop raving about our magnetic quick-release product series.

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