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The Super Tiny Magnetic Quick-Release Cutter

Super Tiny Magnetic Quick-Release Connector

MagCutor is a sleek and compact cutting tool with a keychain-friendly design. This innovative gadget houses a hidden cutter, utilizing powerful Neodymium magnets for secure and easy access. The magnetic quick-release feature sets MagCutor apart from other cutter fasteners on the market, making it a practical choice for on-the-go cutting needs.


Small, Light

This versatile MagCutor can be attached to almost anything, anywhere, with dimensions of just 1.4cmx3.5cm and only weighs 18.7 grams (titanium) / 13.3 grams(aluminum).


Tiny, But Strong

Its unobtrusive design means it won't weigh you down or create unnecessary bulk in your pocket or bag. Whether you're attaching it to a keychain, backpack, or belt loop, MagCutor remains accessible and ready for action whenever you need it. Experience the convenience and practicality of having a reliable cutting tool always within arm's reach, while also enjoying the freedom of its compact, sleek design.


Durable Build with
Ultra-Strong Custom Magnets

Our custom-designed magnet maintains a strong hold despite its tiny size, capable of supporting up to 4 lbs of weight. With MagCutor's magnet, your keys remain securely attached, ready to be released with a simple gesture!

pulling force.jpg

Replaceable Cutter Head

MagCutor's replaceable cutter head sets it apart from other cutting tools, offering enhanced functionality and adaptability. This innovative feature allows you to easily swap out the cutter head when needed, ensuring a consistently sharp and reliable cutting performance tailored to your needs.


Why MagCutor?


Sleek minimalist design to suit any style 
High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance 
Keychain-friendly design for effortless integration into your daily carry 
Easy-to-use mechanism for swift and safe cutting operations 
Customizable finishes cater to personal preferences and aesthetics

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