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Super Tiny Magnetic Quick-Release Connector

Super Tiny Magnetic Quick-Release Connector

Magnactor is a simple, yet powerful little gadget that uses extreme Neodymium magnets to lock items like keys to a robust chain. Magnactor is one of the smallest magnet fasteners on the market, yet also one of the strongest.


Smallest. Lightest.

This versatile magnetic keychain can be attached to almost anything, anywhere, with dimensions of just 20 x 12.2 mm


Durable Build. Innovative Design. 

Magnactor’s extreme power glue and gasket lock structure will ensure your gear stays stowed.

In addition to the special glue designed for magnets, we also created a structure to secure the device, so that our magnet will never fall off.


Ultra-Strong Custom Magnets

Customized magnet design to maintain strong suction despite its tiny size. Able to withstand up to 4 lbs of weight, Magnactor’s magnet ensures that your keys stay securely attached until you’re ready to apply a simple gesture to release them!


Why Magnactor? 

Compared to other alternatives, the choice is simple.

With Magnactor, you’ll always know where your keys are and be able to access them instantly, saving time and making life easier.

Not only that, Magnactor does more, it’s different from other magnetic quick-release devices and boasts some unique features.

Who is it for?

Do you often misplace things like keys?
Do you need to have key tools or components with you at all times, but also within reach?
Would you like the security of having a personal alarm or other safety device always at hand?
Are you tired of having to dig through your pockets to find your stuff?
Do you like the idea of always knowing where your essential items are?

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